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Water Committee

MLA Water Committee Terms of Reference

The Magaguadavic Lakes Association (MLA) Water Committee was formed in 2015 at the request of the MLA's Board of Directors, and it reports to the Board and the membership on an official basis.

The Water Committee is responsible for all matters and issues related to the preservation and protection of our water assets, including the lake resource itself as well as the many species of animals, waterfowl and fish that inhabit our lakes. Water quality, water levels, water sustainability, water habitat and water recreation all form part of the overall mandate of the Water Committee.

To address the many facets of its duties, the Water Committee performs these tasks on an on-going basis:

  1. Regular seasonal (summer months) water-quality data collection throughout Big Magaguadavic only at this time;
  2. Regular seasonal interaction with the operator of the Lakes' dam, Lake Utopia Pulp and Paper (a division of JDI) and with the NB Department of the Environment and Local Government in Fredericton, which holds continuing responsibility for the 1978 Permit that authorized JDI to construct and manage the Lakes' dam;
  3. Regular seasonal monitoring of lake levels and the visible impacts that varying lake levels have on our water habitat and water recreational activities;
  4. Regular interaction with other recognized associations and groups involved in similar activities at other lakes and with those government agencies who provide support to such groups and associations;
  5. Regular investigation and pursuit of government programs dealing with water fowl protection and sustainability, and other environmentally focused projects; and
  6. Regular reporting to the MLA's Board and the MLA membership on items under the mandate of the Water Committee.

The Water Committee comprises four members:

  • Lee Faulkner, Water Committee Chair, primary interface with JDI and NB Environment & Local Government.
  • Ron McDonough, government environmental programs' assessment and pursuit of MLA project funding support.
  • Lee Faulkner, seasonal water data collection (in partnership with Jim Haley).
  • Ryan Hood, seasonal fish monitoring.