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Dam Monitoring

The Dam Monitoring Committee is a group of MLA Volunteers who will, on a regular, scheduled basis, monitor and assess the dam, surrounding area, and access oute(s) used by our volunteers to gain access to the dam site, by observing and documenting their overall assessment of the condition of the dam, # of gates which are open, and to what degree they are open, take pictures of the site, identify issues with the dam and surroundings, and other information required by the Board.


The MLA Board wants to formalize the excellent work that is being performed by our volunteers who have been visiting the Dam site and reporting on it over the last few years, by hopefully increasing the number of volunteers, drawing up a schedule of regular visits to the dam, and establishing a template of what information and observations will be collected and documented on these visits.

We are making a request for volunteers, who would commit to be part of a rotation of members who will visit the dam on a regular basis, from late Spring to the end of September. Our expectations are that each volunteer will have the equipment (ATV,dirtbike, boat, etc) required to get to/from the dam and will have a camera. Additionally, each volunteer will need to record their comments and observations after their visit to the dam, on the MLA website.

To sign up as a volunteer to monitor the dam and view the current schedule, please click on the button below:

For current volunteers there are 2 ways to record your observations:

We will record all trip data into the same spreadsheet (ever from paper forms).

It's been called one of the most photographed areas in Magaguadavic. Volunteers are encouraged to send photos documenting their visits to help monitor the state of the dam.